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NVSU Holds Accreditation Survey Visit for Six Programs

To achieve the highest standard of education, the Nueva Vizcaya State University (NVSU) is currently undergoing a comprehensive re-survey accreditation process for six academic programs Level III and Level IV by the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP) from May 29 to 31, 2023 via Zoom in the Bambang and Bayombong Campuses. Level IV accredited status is the highest level of quality that a program may gain in accreditation programs.

The programs being accredited for Level IV Phase II Revisit are BS in Computer Science, MS in Agriculture, and for Level III Phase II, Revisit are BS in Business Administration, BS in Geodetic Engineering, BS in Public Administration and BS Biology, respectively. 

The Accreditation Task Force spearheaded the evaluation, comprising dedicated college deans, directors, and program chairs who lead the meticulous examination of various academic aspects. Esteemed academicians, possessing profound expertise in their respective fields, are presenting their programs to the accrediting body.

Dr. Aldwin D. Pablo, Dean of the College of Agriculture, will provide comprehensive insights into the Master of Science in Agriculture program, highlighting its curriculum, faculty, research, and community engagement. Prof. Fermila D. Cauilan, Arts and Languages department head, will represent Dr. Lori Shayne A. Busa, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences Bayombong, while the latter is on leave, in showcasing the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program, emphasizing its cutting-edge curriculum and the faculty's proficiency in emerging technologies.

Dr. Dolores B. Galvez, Dean of the College of Business Education, will emphasize the industry relevance of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program, aimed at nurturing business leaders with strong entrepreneurial skills. Dr. Adornado C. Vergara, Dean of the College of Engineering Bayombong, will discuss the Bachelor of Science in Geodetic Engineering program, emphasizing its emphasis on geospatial technology and its diverse applications across various sectors. Representing the College of Arts & Sciences Bambang Campus, Dr. Gerardo S. Ibasco Jr., the college's dean, will present both the Bachelor of Science in Biology and the Bachelor of Science in Public Administration programs, underscoring their contributions to scientific research and public governance, respectively.

Additionally, the evaluative process incorporates the invaluable participation of AACCUP coordinators, namely Dr. Jaime P. Pulumbarit from Bulacan State University and Dr. Ronnie R. Parica from the University of Rizal System. These seasoned coordinators are entrusted with ensuring that the evaluation process adheres to the highest standards and guidelines set by AACCUP.

In his message during the opening program on the first day, NVSU President Dr. Wilfredo A. Dumale, Jr. emphasized that NVSU is pushing for vigorous internationalization efforts and resource generations for the University to have more funding and opportunities to level up the programs of the university. 

In the afternoon sessions, engaging discussions with local counterparts take place, complemented by an in-depth review of narrative profiles and compliance reports facilitated through the accreditation portal. This comprehensive evaluation aims to provide a holistic perspective on the programs, scrutinizing their adherence to academic standards and quality benchmarks.

The NVSU Bayombong and Bambang Campuses remain steadfast in their commitment to excellence in education, research, community service, and production. The AACCUP accreditation process serves as a catalyst for continual program enhancement, ensuring that students receive a high-quality education and possess the necessary skills for their future careers. The outcomes of the AACCUP program accreditation re-survey will play a pivotal role in shaping NVSU's educational landscape as it strives for academic excellence, providing students with a robust foundation for success.