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Dr. Fiorenza, a Brazilian researcher, delivered 2-day seminar and workshop on the Assisted Reproduction Techniques in Ruminants at the Nueva Vizcaya State University

The NVSU College of Veterinary Medicine conducted a 2-day Seminar and Workshop last September 5-6, 2023, with the theme “Capability building on Assisted Reproduction techniques in Ruminants,” at NVSU. The event was attended by the CVM faculty and students and aimed to cultivate the technical skills of the faculty and students in the modernization of the different methods related to assisted reproduction in ruminants.

Dr. Mariani Farias Fiorenza, a visiting researcher specializing in ruminant reproduction and a faculty of Animal Science and Food Engineering (FZEA) at the University of Sao Paolo, Brazil, led the whole activity.

The first day kicked off with a seminar, simultaneously aired via Zoom, about the assisted reproduction techniques in ruminants. During the seminar, she talked about the stimulation of expression of pregnancy-related phenotypic markers using interferon tau (IFNT). In the afternoon, she discussed and demonstrated advanced techniques specifically on the harvesting, extraction and evaluation of cumulus-oocyte complexes (COC) form bovine ovaries, which was also performed by the students and faculty. She also expounded in vitro oocyte maturation & embryo production process and embryo transfer.

The workshop concluded on the second day with a demonstration of rectal palpation that is a method of detecting pregnancy and identifying the different stages of pregnancy in cattle.

The topics discussed and the techniques that Dr. Fiorenza showed during the 2-day seminar-workshop are some of the innovations in veterinary advancement especially in the field of cattle production.