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NVSU RET and Biotech-UPLB Bridges Towards Transformative Training Workshop

An important collaboration is currently underway, as the Nueva Vizcaya State University Research, Extension, and Training (NVSU RET) teams up with the National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology of the University of the Philippines, Los Baños College, Laguna. Together, they are conducting a three-day training-workshop titled "Bridging Extension Services of the Technical Services Program (TSP), Biotech-UPLB to State Universities and Colleges" from September 12-14, 2023.

Dr. Jonar I. Yago, Vice President of Research, Extension, and Training at NVSU, set an inspiring tone for the event with a warm welcome and shared his personal journey. Reflecting on his college days, he recounted his deep fascination with Scanning Electron Microscopy, which ignited a lifelong passion. Dr. Yago encouraged the young researchers present to follow their interests, particularly in the field of biotechnology.

Throughout the event, notable figures like Dr. Jeffrey P. Tamayo provided an overview of the Technical Services Program, while Ms. Claire S. Ramos shed light on the pivotal role of the National Immunological Testing Laboratory of BIOTECH-UPLB in the realm of biotechnology. Mr. Lorenz M. Fabro, Jr., delved into the essential “Protocols and Requirements for precise and reliable scientific research,” and Dr. Lorele C. Trinidad simplified the complex topic of "Understanding Cell Structure Through Microscopy" for better comprehension.

During the second day, participants were divided into two groups, Biology and Chemistry for the breakout sessions which aimed to enhance hands-on learning opportunities.

This collaborative training-workshop signifies a substantial step forward in the fields of biotechnology and molecular biology, providing a vital platform for knowledge-sharing, skill improvement, and the cultivation of connections among researchers and experts. As the event unfolds, expect further enrichment and the strengthening of bonds within these critical disciplines.