by: Ryan P. Manuel


On June 01, 2021, the NVSU College of Forestry (NVSU-CF) will commence using its new name, the College of Forestry, Environment and Resource Management (CFERM).

Since 1974, the NVSU-CF has positioned itself as one of the best Philippine schools that offer a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Forestry. This bid for forestry excellence by the College thus far culminated in obtaining a “Center of Excellence” distinction from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) twice (2008-2013; 2015 to present). But over the past two decades, the College has also made significant strides in offering other curricula such as BSc Environmental Science and BSc Agroforestry (1999), as well as BSc Ecotourism (2007). The College is one of the first and few schools to offer an ecotourism curriculum in the entire country. The renaming of the NVSU College of Forestry to the NVSU-CFERM, therefore, emphasizes the evolution of the College as a school with diversified expertise and more inclusivity.

The move to change the name of the NVSU-CF began in 2007, per recommendation by Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines, Inc., an independent quality assurance body for public Higher Education Institutions. The suggestion was reiterated in 2013, then in August 2020 by the CHED’s technical panel on the Certificate of Program Compliance for BSc Environmental Science.

The faculty of the College elected the new nomenclature among 10 suggested names, inspired by similar schools in the Philippines and overseas. CFERM emerged as that which best embodies the identity of the College, including the expertise of the faculty and the niche of its alumni in the professional landscape.

The Nueva Vizcaya State University’s Board of Regents (BOR) approved the new name on March 01 by virtue of BOR Resolution Number 005, series of 2021.

Subsequent activities are currently being planned to complete the metamorphosis of the College, such as the formal launch by way of community pantry, logo, and motto contest.

On November to December 2019, the university was visited by SOCOTEC, the certifying body for the Stage 1 and 2 external audit to which the university was then recommended as ISO certifiable.

Finally, the university is able to take hold of the ISO 9001:2015 certificate which is valid from February 19, 2020 until Feb 18, 2023.