NVSU Institutional Promotion (IP) is Up

27 Aug 2021


One of the immediate matters acted upon by the Hon. Ruth R. Padilla upon her assumption as officer in-charge of NVSU, is the NVSU Institutional Promotion (NVSU IP) Policy. Finally, after several reviews, refinement and consultation with CHED through Dr. Julieta Paras, Director, Region 02, the NVSU-IP is already up for its implementation.

The implementation of the IP policy is timely. For as of this date, there are several vacant academic positions in both campuses that need to be filled-up. The IP policy will now be used as a guide to evaluate faculty members who will apply for these vacant positions and are deserving promotion.

Hon. Ruth R. Padilla, OIC President urged the faculty members during the Academic and Administrative Council meeting held on August 13, 2021 to immediately respond to the call for document submissions to facilitate evaluation in order to fill-up all these vacant plantilla positions. She further mentioned that this IP is also a move to upgrade academic ranks of faculty, thus making the academic manpower of the University stronger. Dr. Jocelyn P. Cabrera, Vice President for Academic Affairs in the same meeting highlighted the schedules of submission of requirements and the evaluation process. She further mentioned that result of the filling-up must be submitted to the Department of Budget and Management for funding requirements before the end of 2021.

Initial evaluation will be done by the Department Chairs and Deans of the various colleges and final evaluation will be done by the Human Resource Faculty Merit and Promotion Selection Board (HRFMPSB)

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