AACCUP Inc. Online First Survey Visit to NVSU’s Seven Graduate Programs

3 Sep 2021


Today, September 3, 2021, is not just another ordinary day for the Nueva Vizcaya State University, Bayombong Campus. It is a triumphant day for the University as it successfully hurdled the tedious week-long online AACCUP first survey visit to six College of Teacher Education and one College of Business Education graduate degree programs.

During the online exit conference earlier this morning, the impressions given by the team leaders of the different programs subjected for the first survey visit were overwhelming. The team leaders cited strong points common to all the programs such as the curricula of the various programs are properly aligned with the standards set by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and the AACCUP Inc. They observed that the faculty members possess sufficient competencies parallel to the requirements of the program and are actively engaged in research and development (R&D) where research outputs are not only presented in various local, national and international fora but mostly published in refereed journals, Scopus indexed and CHED accredited journals. The accreditors found out that syllabus and teaching materials/strategies are outcomes-based, and that the extension program, library system, skilled laboratory technicians and an efficient record system are in place. The accreditors pointed out that all these will surely redound to producing students that can demonstrate the qualities as stated in the vision, mission, goals and objectives of the University.

Dr. Fe Soriano, overall coordinator of the accreditation team informed everyone, however, that the official numerical results of the accreditation had not been given yet because the findings and recommendations of the accreditors will still be deliberated by the board of trustees of the AACCUP Inc.

The accreditors had also posited areas for improvement which are contained in the recommendations that they forwarded. Hence, the respective Deans of the two Colleges pledged their commitment to comply with the recommendations to further improve the programs and sustain those strong points in order to attain quality and excellence in instruction, research, extension and training, and entrepreneurship.

The OIC President Hon. Ruth R. Padilla, in behalf of the Nueva Vizcaya State University expressed her pledge of full commitment to continuously improve and enhance systems, processes, and programs to assure that the University can provide not only quality but excellent education to its students and services to its clientele. Furthermore, she pledged that the University with utmost sincerity will uphold the highest standards of instruction, research, extension and training, to cascade the right move to implement the recommendations and suggestions of the accreditors in mind and spirit anchored in the University’s vision of being a premiere University in a global community. She added that the university will not only enhance achievements but to stimulate motivation to the faculty, staff and students to work together as one NVSU family to be able reach the much hoped for success for this institution. In her speech, she further said that the faculty and staff serve as role models of excellence, to prepare the students to make mature and informed decisions in setting the standards of integrity, hardwork, commitment, dedication, perseverance and action inside and outside the classroom. In developing policies of flexible learning during this pandemic, she said that the University will continuously find methods and strategies to best serve its clients. Finally, in her message, she extended her heartfelt congratulations to the team of accreditors headed by Dr. Fe Soriano, Dr. Jocelyn P. Cabrera, the Vice President of Academic Affairs, the two Deans (Dr. Cristina Salvosa and Dr. Bonimar Afalla), directors, department chairpersons, faculty, staff and all those who made this activity truly a success, for all the excellent job in this accreditation. She then pointed out that whatever the results may be - and hopefully it’s going to be a very positive one - everything will be taken into consideration with a mindset of improvement and betterment of all the programs, processes and services as a premier higher education institution in this part the country.

Congratulations to the faculty members of the graduate programs of the Colleges of Teacher Education and Business Education. May your hardwork, dedication, commitment and passion be reciprocated through the accreditation result with flying colors.

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