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19 Nov 2021


NVSU produces 9 new licensed Agriculturists

The University, which fielded 29 examinees in the November 2021 Agriculturist Examination, produced nine new licensed Agriculturists (eight as first timers and one repeater)

Here’s the list of successful examinees:

  • Alexandria Nylianne S. Sosa

  • Rebeca M. Galduen

  • Shelita D. Umaddap

  • Jasper M. Dulnuan

  • Rudy D. Rupinta

  • Anabel I. Piday

  • Laudencia, Kim- BAS

  • Christian Dave B. Calderon - BAS

  • Patrish D. Capricho- BSAB

NVSU tallied a 31.03-percent passing rate, slightly higher to 29.84-percent of the national passing rate.