News & events

25 Nov 2021


The NVSU Mental Health Program (MHP) led by the University Focal Person, Mary Ann B. Lorenzo, RGC, in collaboration with the Medical Services Office and the GAD, conducted a 4-hour webinar under the 2nd NVSU Talakayan centered on Mental Health Program for all faculty and non-teaching personnel.

This online gathering of faculty and non-teaching personnel conducted by the said offices was focused on the theme “Psychological Safe Space: Promoting Good Mental Health at Work”, a holistic approach in mental health awareness.

Officer-In-Charge Hon. Ruth Rana Padilla, in her opening remarks, emphasized that feelings and emotions are valid.

“All of us handle emotions differently and to those struggling right now, even though you may not show it, your feelings and emotions are valid. And it is alright to feel those [emotion and feelings]. For emotions make us humans and which makes us stronger and more resilient as we continue to face the everyday challenges of life”, Dr. Padilla said.

Moreover, GAD Focal Person Dr. Imelda Ocampo presented the working committees and mental health program structure of the university and the Guidance and Counseling Services of Bambang Campus by Jeferson Callangan, Unit Head.

The topics discussed during the said event were ‘Mental Health in the Workplace’ and ‘Breaking the Stigma’.

Speakers were: Dr. Eduardo Caligner, a resident Psychologist from Ateneo de Manila University and an Associate Professor of the University of Santo Tomas Graduate School; and Dr. Jeremy Sapira, a resident Pyschiatrist from Region 1 Medical Center.