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A reliable, interoperable and secure inter-building and inter-campus network connectivity for NVSU Bayombong and Bambang campus. This system is an integration of current and new infrastructure that allows utilization of latest and resource intensive internet applications that enhances government to government and faculty to student transactions. This system is utilizing secured and proven technology that will enable NVSU to provide open yet secured network computing environment that will encourage collaboration and system development for both campuses.

News and events

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    NVSU Hiring

    15 June 2021
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    NVSU signs MOA with DOST R02

    28 June 2021

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    NVSU hosts Virtual Launch of SHINE Cagayan Valley

    27 July 2021

Unique Features of our programs What do you want to study?

  • Malleable Study Time

    Study material available online 24/7. Study in your free time, no time management issues, perfect balance between work and study time.

  • Placement Assistance

    ITM University Online has access to all of ITM Group’s placement resources and alumni network, through which thousands of job opportunities are generated.

  • Easy To Access

    There is easy accessibility to online help in terms of online teachers and online forums. Teachers can be contacted with the help of video chats and e-mails.

  • Study on the Go

    LMS that is easily accessible on a number of devices such as mobile phones, I-pads, computers and other such devices. Availability of ready reckoners such that students can remember the key points of the session learnt.

  • Get an Innovative, In-depth Transition

    The transition to an environment of learning becomes easy with the availability of multiple sources of learning such as text books, power-point presentations, and story boards on various subjects.

  • Practical & Interactive Participation

    Assessments and interactivities are given at the end of every session such that the practical application of theory learnt can be gauged.

There are many ways to learn How do you want to study?

  • MBA Operations

  • MBA Marketing

  • MBA General

The Numbers Say it All Why Choose Us

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    Certified Courses
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    Students Enrolled
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    Passing to Universities
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