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Student Affairs & Services


The Student Affairs and Services (SAS) serves as the center of all student services, information and activities which aims to develop the individual student socially, intellectually, physically, morally, and spiritually. Its thrusts include positive discipline through social empowerment and cooperative living/learning development of student leaders for school and community responsibility.


The SAS shall become a model center for student programs and services, supportive of all co-curricular and extra-curricular needs essential for values education and citizenship training.


The SAS shall assist the student to use his potential and endowment to develop social and personal values imperative to make him become a well-rounded and productive citizen. The student, therefore, involves himself in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the University that provide opportunities for his personality development and character formation.


The SAS shall primarily promote a code of conduct for an academic community that leads the students to imbibe and respond to the University’s vision, mission, core values, and goals.

It shall be able to:

  1. Provide programs that will enhance the students’ personal, intellectual, moral, physical, social, and spiritual development;

  2. Assist students in their choice of career and life goals;

  3. Provide housing facilities/services that shall enhance better habits and attitudes, and restore values of healthy living and efficient home management at reasonable cost;

  4. Provide financial assistance to deserving students;

  5. Provide activities designed for the students’ wise use of leisure time, development of sportsmanship, and personality and sociability; and

  6. Provide opportunities for students’ involvement in the promotion of progressive nationalism and patriotism, leadership, and citizenship.


  1. To initiate and maintain specific programs that enhance the students’ personal and social development;

  2. To provide opportunities for students to actively participate in campus organizations and functions that will train them to become leaders; and

  3. To offer programs and services in the area of welfare, control, and development functions.



Angel L. Genato IV

Director, Student Affairs & Services


Jerwin P. Memita

Department Chairperson, Student Welfare Programs & Services


Jonathan P. Pasion

Department Chairperson, Student Development Programs & Services Unit Head, Student Discipline


Maria Rousselle G. Jandoc

Department Chairperson, Guidance & Counselling
Unit Head, Counselling


Gail G. Gumilet

Unit Head, Information & Orientation


Katrine Angela A. Tucay

Unit Head, Economic Enterprise Development


Lhea T. Castro

Unit Head, Student Insurance & Mutual Aid


Dongpan Crusaldo P. Oligario

Unit Head, Student Organization & Activities


Daisybelle K. Pilas

Unit Head, Yearbook Development


Jacqueline V. Iglesias

Unit Head, Appraisal


Ching-Ching D. Guzman