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National Service and Training Program (NSTP)


The NSTP envisions itself to be a unit comprising with a pool of dedicated, trained, and service-oriented faculty and volunteers committed in bringing the development of the students in the local and global community.


The NSTP shall actively implement RA 9163 and relentlessly pursue its thrust of engaging the students through continuous advocacy, innovation and monitoring, providing services inculcating moral values, delivering opportunities for integrated growth and development of the students.


  1. Develop a blueprint for the NSTP Program of instruction based on the revised NST IRR (Revised 2009)

  2. Design a common syllabus for both campuses NSTP units of NVSU in consonance with the national 25-hour common module implementation policy

  3. Develop a common instructional module for each topic identified in the 25-hour

  4. Identify and train pool of faculty/implementers and student volunteers for the implementation of the NSTP curriculum

  5. Plan a schedule of trainings, workshops, conferences and off-campus benchmarking for NSTP faculty/implementers and volunteers

  6. Orient new NSTP implementers and student volunteers on the RA 9163 and its IRR