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Utility Models

Process of producing fungal entomopathogen (Isaria fumosorosea) Bioinsectide

Fungal Entomopathogen (Isaria fumosorosea) Bioinsecticide

A process for making Shelf Stable Citrus Fruit Leather

A process producing citrus-tomato juice

A process of producing Carrot-Juice

The process of producing conserve with Mandarin Pomace and Rind

Round Cake Icing Spreader

Large Diameter Compas

A composition of ginger-turmeric wine

A process of making ginger-turmeric wine

Gamma-Irradiated Carageenan Extract as Performance Enhancer in Broiler Chicken

Liquid Formulation of Fungal Entomopathogen Beauvaria bassiana as Bio-Control Agent

A Process of Mass-Producing Beauveria Bassiana

A Process of Making Pumpkin Powder Powder from the Malandi Cultivar of Cucurbita maxima

Growth Media for Beauveria Bassiana Colonies and Biomas

Biogas System

Process of producing purple sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) Ice Cream

Process of producing crispy food chips enriched with ginger turmeric

Process of producing ginger turmeric pandesal and the process of producing the same

Fruit Harvesting and Pruning Device

Energy Recovery and Waste Treatment System

A Process of Dry Fish Cream Soup Mix

A Manually Operated Fertilizer Applicator Device

A Mobile Phone-Implemented Method of Nitrogen Status Assessment of Rice and Corn Plants and Generation of Recommended Amounts of Nitrogen-based Fertilizers for Topdress

A Process of Making Flavored Bamboo Shoot Tips

A Process of Preparing Pinapaitan Utiizing Serpentina Leaves

A Biochemical Assay System Using Using Microfluidic Paper Based Analytical Device used for the Detection of Bacteria in Water

Process of Making Foot Scrub Powder Utilizing Guava Leaves and the Composition Thereo