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  1. Research and Development Program Thrusts

    1. Commodity systems development and technology knowledge generation

    2. Product development

    3. Management information and materials

  2. The Research Program Components

    The Research Program covers a wide range of basic, applied and developmental research projects on agriculture, education, and other non-agricultural concerns, which are anchored on national, regional, and provincial priorities and responsibilities.

    Research activities are focused on fruit-based farming systems with the following major components:

    1. Crops and Cropping Systems. – Focus is on the development of production technologies aimed at improving productivity and profitability of various crops and cropping systems with the end view of advancing village-level agro-based industries.

    2. Livestock and Poultry. – Research undertaking is geared toward improvement of production and reproduction technology and management including measurement of efficiency levels of large cattle, small ruminants, swine and poultry through improved nutrition, husbandry management, physiological advancement and possibly genetic manipulation techniques.

    3. Agriculture. – This focuses on the attainment of best growth efficiency of freshwater fish and other fishery products through stock manipulation and culture management, brood stock development and production of quality fish seeds for stocking.

    4. Agricultural Management Resources. – Its focus is on innovative project as well as the improvement and utilization of resources in relation to cost-effective production technologies towards sustainable agriculture and quality environment.

    5. Forestry and Environmental Resources Management. – This component focuses on increased forest resource production development, utilization and management interfacing resource access and equity and promotion of environmental quality and sustainable development.

    6. Special Projects. – This component deals with implementation, monitoring and evaluation of researches and other development activities coordinated by the program in cooperation with other agencies. This includes piloting and commercialization of agricultural products and technologies, and forestry and environmental development programs.

    7. Higher Education R&D. – This component caters to higher education studies for policy, curricular and other academic program development including researches on languages, arts, culture and traditions, and other worldviews.

    8. Socio-economic Development R&D. – This component deals on technology assessment programs, market-development researches, national/ regional/ provincial and/or institutional policy and management systems evaluation and assessment.

    9. Information/Industrial Technology R&D. – This component deals on info-education and communication program, development or appropriate MIS, policy research on industrial technology, product development, and effectiveness of industry-academe linkage.