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NVSU Bambang Celebrates Indigenous People's Day

The grounds of Nueva Vizcaya State University Bambang Campus came alive with a vibrant display of indigenous culture and heritage on November 21, 2023, as the university commemorates Indigenous People’s Day with a spectacular lineup of performances and messages aimed at honoring and celebrating the rich traditions of local tribes.

The festivities commenced at 8:00 in the morning within the NVSU Oval, where students, faculty, and guests gathered to pay homage to the indigenous communities. Dr. Fitzgerald L. Fabelico, the esteemed Campus Administrator, opened the event with warm welcome remarks, setting the tone for a day of cultural immersion and appreciation.

The program unfolded with a series of captivating performances that showcased the unique traditions of various indigenous people. The Isinai Student Organization graced the ground first, delighting the audience with their graceful movements and symbolic gestures that echoed their cultural narrative.

Following this, the Kalanguya Student Organization took the center, presenting a mesmerizing performance that shows the delicate portrayal of courtship customs within the Kalanguya tribe. Their artistry and storytelling through dance captivated the audience, offering a glimpse into the richness of their traditions.

The Vice President for Planning, Development, and Information Systems, Dr. Carlo F. Vadil highlights the vision of the university, aspiring to transform it into the Philippines’s National Indigenous Peoples’ (IP) University. It signals the dedicated commitment of the university to uphold indigenous rights, promote cultural diversity, and achieve inclusive and equitable education for all.

Hon. Samuel Guzman Balinhawag, Provincial IP Mandatory Representative of Nueva Vizcaya, emphasized the pivotal role of education, particularly within the indigenous communities, highlighting the importance of empowering the youth through knowledge and preserving cultural heritage through learning and understanding.

The atmosphere became charged with history and narrative as the Bugkalot Student Organization portrayed the early courtship customs involving beheading rivals to win a girl’s hand. The performances followed by the Kankanaey – Ibaloi Student Organization and the Ifugao Student Organization continued to captivate the audience, each showcasing the unique heritage and customs of their respective tribes.

The program ended with a mesmerizing community dance that brought together students, staff, faculty, and guests. The collective rhythm and movements symbolized unity and harmony among the various indigenous groups present.

The celebration left behind a lingering sense of pride and respect for the indigenous heritage that continues to thrive amidst modernity. The IP Day celebration at NVSU served as a beacon of cultural unity and reverence, honoring the ancestral legacy that shapes the province's identity.