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NVSU Bayombong Campus Intramurals '23

In the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship, the NVSU Bayombong Campus recently concluded its highly exciting Intramurals from November 15-17, 2023. The event brought together students, faculty, and staff in celebration of teamwork through athletics.

CLISOC grounds echoed with cheers and vibrant hues of team colors, representing each college, painting the atmosphere with vigor and sheer fun and cheers.

The opening ceremony on November 15, with the lighting of the torch symbolizing the commencement of friendly competitions, officially signaled the start.

The NVSU Bayombong Campus Intramurals 2023 captured successfully the good morale of the players and spectators, revealing belief in what every team player was contributing, showing no one would feel alone, and recognizing and appreciating efforts and talents. Beyond the trophies, the events served showcased skills, and talents, built lasting friendships and strengthened the bonds of shared purpose.

The final tally of the 2023 Intramurals declared the following standing:

  1. Champion - College of Teacher Education (Blue Marlins) 
  2. Second Place - College of Engineering (Red Lions)
  3. Third Place - College of Arts and Sciences (Yellow Tigers)
  4. Fourth Place - College of Agriculture (Green Tamaraws)
  5. Fifth Place - College of Human Ecology (Pink Panthers)
  6. Sixth Place - College of Business Education (Purple Pythons)
  7. Seventh Place - College of Forestry, Environment and Resources Management (Green Vipers)
  8. Eighth Place - College of Veterinary Medicine (Gray Wolves)

Congratulations to all the participating teams! Fill the next Intramurals may the flames of unity continuous to be the source of strength burning in the hearts of the Nueva Vizcaya State University Community.