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P2Lt. Sharlene Joy B Singson: Engineering Alumna Shines in Military Achievement

In a remarkable achievement, P2Lt. Sharlene Joy B Singson of Saranay has earned a coveted feat in the Top 5 of the OCC “ARAMSIDLAK” Class 60-2024. P2Lt. Singson, a proud alumna of Nueva Vizcaya State University with a degree in Civil Engineering, is recognized for her exceptional performance at the Officer Candidate School. 

The College of Engineering extends its sincere congratulations to P2Lt. Sharlene Joy B Singson on this outstanding accomplishment. Singson’s achievement is not just a personal triumph but also a significant milestone in promoting gender diversity within the military. Her success serves as an inspiration, demonstrating that women can excel in traditionally male-dominated professions. Her journey highlights her passion for both engineering and the arts, reflecting her diverse talents and interests.