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College of Forestry, Environmental and Resource Management (cferm)

The College of Forestry, Environment and Resources Management (CFERM) is one of the colleges of Nueva Vizcaya State University in the Bayombong Campus. The College was founded in September 1974, known until March 2021, as the College of Forestry. By NVSU Board of Regents Resolution No. 5, series of 2021, it was renamed the College of Forestry, Environment and Resources Management. The new name reflects the broader role of the College in the field of natural resources management.

Forestry, with its very close allied disciplines, is one of the disciplines under the broad agriculture field, one of the areas of the general mandate specified in Republic Act 9272, the law that established the Nueva Vizcaya State University. With such a mandate, the College's curricular programs aim to a) contribute significantly to the provision of advanced instruction and professional training to students and professionals; b) conduct research, extension, and development interventions; and c) demonstrate leadership in the field of forestry and environmental management.

The College has three departments and one center, namely: the Department of Forestry and Agroforestry, the Department of Environmental Science and Ecotourism, the Department of Graduate Studies, and the Center for Environmental Resources Management and Sustainable Development (CERMSD). The departments handle curricular programs along with research and extension projects of the faculty, while CERMSD focused on implementation of research, extension, production, and special projects.

CFERM offers the following undergraduate degree programs: Bachelor of Science in Forestry (BSF), Bachelor of Science in Agroforestry (BSAF), Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science (BSES), and Bachelor of Science in Ecotourism (BSECO). It also offers a Master of Science in Forestry (MSF), Master of Science by Research Work (MS-RW), and Ph.D. by Research Work (PhD-RW). Except for the graduate programs by research work, all programs have attained various levels of AACCUP accreditation. Moreover, MS Forestry was accredited by CHED for its K-to-12 Transition Scholarship Program and by DOST for its Science and Technology Regional Alliance of Universities for National Development (STRAND 2), together with the Ph.D. by Research Work.

Presently, the College has 19 regular and full-time faculty members and two affiliate instructors from CERMSD and Research, Extension and Training (RET). Most faculty members are graduates with advanced degrees in forestry and related disciplines from reputable universities locally and abroad. They have attended various training courses for continuing professional development and have presented and published papers, mostly derived from research works. The faculty is reinforced by contract-of-service instructors.

CFERM has had an average first-semester enrolment of around 500 students in the last ten years, 8% of which were from the graduate programs. The present total enrolment is 937, broken down as follows: BSF = 392, BSAF = 174, BSES = 137, BSECO= 180, and MSF = 54. The previous largest enrolment was in the Second Semester of SY 2021-2022 at 676. The number of graduates was highest in School Year 2018-2019 at 141. CFERM alumni from various degree programs number around 2,000 to date.


A leading university in education, innovation, and sustainable development


We engage. We innovate. We empower.
We transform education by adhering to global standards, and fostering research and innovation for sustainable development.

Goals and Objectives
  1. To develop skilled professionals in forestry, agroforestry, environmental science, and ecotourism, highlighting the interconnectedness of social, economic, and environmental aspects of natural resource management.

  2. To lead conservation and sustainable development efforts through public education and extension, fostering awareness and engagement within local communities.

  3. To drive cutting-edge research in forestry, environmental science, agroforestry, and ecotourism to address contemporary challenges and promote innovation.

  4. To forge strategic partnerships with other institutions of quality education, leveraging opportunities for technical expertise and financial support in terms of instruction, research, and extension services.

Undergraduate Programs
  1. Bachelor of Science in Agroforestry

  2. Bachelor of Science in Forestry

  3. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science


    • Environmental Management

    • Ecosystem Management

  4. Bachelor of Science in Ecotourism

Graduate Programs
  1. Doctor of Philosophy by Research Work

  2. Master of Science in Forestry


    • Forest Resources Management

    • Silviculture & Forest Influences

    • Social Forestry & Forest

College Officials

Jayson Q. Caranza Assistant Professor IV

College Dean


Rogelio P. Pascua Assistant Professor IV

Department Chair, Forestry & Agroforestry


Rebecca G. Wangdale Assistant Professor II

Department Chair, Environmental Science & Ecotourism


Shierel F. Vallesteros Associate Professor V

Department Chair, Graduate Studies

College Professors

Arvin P. Vallesteros Professor VI

Campus Administrator, Bayombong Campus


Remedios A. Bacon Associate Professor V

Director, National Service Training Program


Angel L. Genato IV Assistant Professor III

Director, Student Affairs & Services


Yolina T. Castañeto Professor VI


Marcelino T. Razalan, Jr Professor VI


Ramil S. Rodriguez Professor V


Ryan P. Manuel Professor V


Romnick L. Pascua Associate Professor I


Jeremy V. Dasalla Instructor II


Arlene R. Manlapaz Instructor II


Lorena P. Laguardia Instructor I

Director, Center for Environmental Resources Management & Sustainable Development


Ruby Anne T. Antonio Instructor I


Mer Joseph Q. Caranza Instructor I


Melanie A. Ibarra Instructor I


Kenn O. Querido Instructor I


Mizpha Joy P. Basay Emergency Instructor


Angel Keeno D. Pineda Emergency Instructor